Deconstruction, Green Salvage and Recycling

V's Demolition is a strong proponent of minimizing waste and maximizing the reuse and recycling of building materials such as windows, doors, lighting fixtures, hardware, flooring, plumbing fixtures and fittings.

The benefits to the environment and community are two-fold:
- the salvaged material stays out of our landfills
- carefully extracted building materials are offered back to the marketplace, where they can be reused in new construction projects

With the high costs of hauling and processing construction waste — augmented by the growing challenge of over-burdened landfills — recycling and green slavage has become the method of choice for environmentally conscious deconstruction contractors. Many items may be useful to someone else, or even reused on the same renovation project the material was extracted from.

In addition to minimizing landfill impact and waste, V's Demolition knows that reusing salvaged building materials also minimizes the demand for tree harvesting, mining, water, energy, and other natural resources. And in long-term analyses, green salvage practices reduce the need for toxic materials used to process, manufacture and transport new construction materials.

For optimum results, we take the following steps to manage deconstruction materials:
1. Reuse in-place by leaving material as-is for repairing, refinishing, or re-facing
2. Salvage, store and reuse elsewhere on the renovation project
3. Recycling responsibly
4. Proper disposal of waste material

Nearly all deconstruction projects involve a bit of each of the above steps. The green salvage goal is to get as much of your materials into steps 1 and 2 while minimizing the amount that ends up at the local landfill.


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